Webinar - Reactivity on Leash

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Do you also get tense when your dog sees another dog (or cyclist, car, etc.)?

Because you know your dog is going to react? Or because you never know, sometimes he does react, sometimes he doesn't. And you have no idea why...

In this online webinar, given by Liz Wolting herself, she will tell you everything about reactivity on leash:

    - Why does a dog do this?
    - Why doesn't he do this all the time?
    - Will this behavior ever stop by itself?
    - Can I stop this behavior and of so, how?
    - Where does this behavior come from?
    - What does my dog try to tell me with his reactivity? 
    - Why couldn't other trainers help me with this?

And mainly: How do I solve this?

Because reactivity is really annoying for you, but also for your dog. He's not reactive because he wants to! When you don't help your dog with this behavior, it will develop in getting worse and worse and your dog will becoming reactive quicker and on more objects (dogs, cars, cats, people, trucks, etc.). He can even go as far as developing reversed aggression and bite your arm, hand or leg when being reactive.

Who's teaching this webinar?

Liz Wolting

Founder of Animal's Faith and active in the world of animnals for over 20 year, of which 14 in her own company Animal's Faith.
Liz helps over a 1000 dogs and there owners annually with all sorts of behavior, of which reactivity is one of the most seen behavior problems. So Liz has more experience with this than your average dog trainer and knows how to solve this behavior in a fun and understanding way. She travels all over the world to help dogs with this.

I'm in!

This webinar will be live on Sunday the 7th of May 19:00h Amsterdam/Madrid time

It's online, so everyone on the planet can attent it. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and Zoom.

Yes, the webinar is for all (future) dog owners. Even if you don't have a dog yet, the information in the webinar will be very useful. Dog owners with a reactive dog are exactly on the right spot here of course!

Everyone in your family that fits behind the screen is welcome. Of course we hope you buy at least one ticket per household.

About 1.5 hours. Of course we want to answer as many questions as possible, so if there are a lot of questions, it might take a little longer.

No problem! The webinar will be recorded and you'll get the link in your mailbox afterwards. So you can view it whenever you want.

Definitely! On daily basis, at Animal's Faith we train dogs that have been to many trainers and behaviorists before. Still we can help them and their owners. We are convinced we can give you new insights and advice you new things as well, no matter how many trainings you've done already.

What is the Earlybird trajectory?

During the webinar more about the 3 month trajectory will be explained. You can have help with your reactive dog for 3 months in a row, so you're going to be sure of success when you stick to the advice. People that decide now get a special EarlyBird price with a €75,- discount! There are just 10 EurlyBird spots, so be sure to claim yours now.

I really want to fix my dog's reactivity!

Day & time
May 31, 2023
Start - 6:00 PM
July 31, 2023
End - 6:00 PM Europe/Amsterdam

Animal's Faith

+31 43 204 3012

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