Behavioral therapy
We help you at home or online

It is never unsolvable

Pulling the leash

Dropping out on the line

Biting other dogs

Biting people

Afraid of loud noises

Separation anxiety

Fear of children

Run away, etc. 

We see these and many other problem behaviors in dogs on a daily basis. Often there is an imbalance and misunderstanding between man and dog. Because we communicate differently, this miscommunication is very understandable and common.

During a home visit or video consultation, we clearly explain where certain behavior of your dog comes from and we immediately get to work together to solve this. So that you both understand the theory and can practice directly in practice.

Mutual understanding leads to a better understanding and if you know exactly what your dog actually means by his behavior, you will be able to help him much better, because you now understand what he is going through.

Of course we will follow you up after a behavioral session, if you want this. A monthly or weekly online consultation gives many people support and guidance and we are happy to help you for a long time if you like.

We help dogs and their owners throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Even when other trainers or behavioral experts claim that the behavior cannot be solved, we show that this is possible.

Feel free to call us for more information, even if you live abroad or think you have tried everything.

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