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Bonding between you and your dog like you won't find anywhere else!


Trust and respect

Our bonding course is specially designed for people who want to build a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect with their dog. We do not work with tricks, commands and are not on the same field every week, but we will discover the world together with you and your dog, tackle your insecurities and build your self-confidence and mutual trust.

In 15 varied lessons, most situations that we encounter in real life are covered, so that in all situations you know exactly how to guide your dog and what you need yourself. In between the weekly lessons, there is plenty of room to ask questions in the group app that is created for each course.

The bonding course is aimed at dogs from 6 months to 12 years old.

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Growing independence

If you have successfully completed the bonding course, but want to deepen your bond with your dog even further and learn to give him more freedom in the right way, then the development course is really for you!

During this course we teach you and your dog to trust each other even more and deeply, so that you learn to communicate with each other at an increasing distance. The exercises become more challenging and we teach you how to safely teach a dog to run loose.
In 12 lessons of one hour each, we will work together and look for new challenges every week. So that you and your dog can be and remain mentally flexible and physically balanced.

The development course can only be followed when the bonding course has been completed with good results and is aimed at dogs from 1 to 12 years old.

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Next level communication

Successfully completed the development course, but do you want to continue to guide your (adolescent) dog and fully prepare it to go anywhere with you, on a leash and loose? Then sign up for the in-depth course.

We teach you how to ensure that your dog listens to you excellently in all circumstances, first on a long leash and then without a leash. So that you and your dog learn to enjoy ultimate freedom, without it becoming unsafe.
In 12 challenging lessons of one hour each, we will learn freedom in all kinds of situations. This way you will not only be able to let your dog run loose in the forest, but in all kinds of different circumstances with all kinds of different stimuli around you.

The in-depth course is aimed at students who have successfully completed the development course and are suitable for dogs from 2 to 12 years old.  

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Gevorderden cursus

The ultimate band

Our highest and coolest course, only available for adult dogs and when the previous courses have been successfully completed.

Do you want to be able to let your dog loose almost anywhere, while he is sociable, listens fantastically and you can feel each other flawlessly? Then this course is perfect for you. We're going to look deep into the mirror your dog is holding up to you, learn to communicate on energy, and face all of our own fears. Only in this way will you be able to create this great bond with your dog under all circumstances. Without a physical line, only with a continuous mental connection.

The advanced course is for dogs and owners who have completed the bonding course up to and including the in-depth course and are suitable for dogs from 3 to 12 years old.  

Start dates and times

New courses start regularly, please contact us for the current start dates and times