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Animal's Faith started as a hobby in March 2009 and started commercially in September 2011, out of the love for animals that Liz has felt since childhood. After studying veterinary medicine for 3 years and having been with veterinarians and behavioral experts from an early age, Liz ended up in an animal shelter in Melle. There, the more difficult dogs immediately attracted her and since then it has been her mission to help all dogs that are misunderstood. 

Because of the passion with which Animal's Faith is run, expansion is also possible quickly. As a result, Animal's Faith has already moved to larger locations in 2009 in a period of 2012 – 4 and expanded with a second building in 2017.

Liz is currently training several behavioral experts internationally and Animal's Faith will expand significantly.

In 2021, Liz started a tour through Europe together with her dogs.
She drives around in the camper to help owners and organizations. She also gives online consultations from the camper.

Liz Wolting

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Anna Mori

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